Man Fights Off Burglars with Sword

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Kenneth Driskell collects swords as a hobby, but never dreamed he'd actually have to use one to defend his home.

The 21-year-old from Athens was at home Thursday when he heard someone breaking into his house. With little time to spare, Driskell says he threw on some shoes and grabbed a sword--a Samaurai-style weapon that was concealed inside a piece of bamboo.

Driskell said he then confronted two suspects, scared them out of the house and then chased them down the street. During the foot chase, Driskell called Athens-Clarke County Police, who had already received calls about a man chasing two others down the street with a sword. Authorities were able to catch both suspects a short time later, arresting 18-year-old William Walker and his 17-year-old brother. Both men were taken to the Athens-Clarke County Jail and charged with three counts of theft each.

Authorities also said they found several pieces of property in the suspects' possession that were stolen from a fraternity house on the UGA campus.