Man who gave shirt off back to homeless man tells story

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Video of Joey Resto, 23, giving the shirt off his back to a homeless man on a subway turned the New York City native into an overnight sensation.

Resto's story has been reported around the world and the video has gone viral.  Resto visited Good Day New York on Tuesday to explain why he helped a stranger.  "I walked on the train and the homeless guy was there with his shirt off. Everyone on there had separated themselves from him. He looked like he had gotten beaten up. He had patches of hair missing. He had no shirt on," said Resto.

"I sat in front of him and did a Snapchat video of the gentleman. It was crazy that everyone was just looking and not doing anything. It was freezing outside," said Resto.

After taking the video, Resto got up and gave the man his shirt and hat.

"It was the least I could do. I didn't know what was going to be his reaction. He looked like he had a mental disability. He couldn't physically put it on. I had to put it on him like a child, said Resto.

The incident occurred Jan. 8. Hours later, the father of two young children discovered video taken of his good deed had been posted to Facebook.

"I had a big tank top on. I would have been better prepared," joked Resto.

The case worker for a law firm has been stopped many times by strangers asking if he's the guy in the video.

As for the homeless man, Resto tried to help him further before getting off the train.

"I asked him to come with me to get a hot meal, but as we waited he fell asleep," said Resto.

He then called 311.

"I hope he got some help," said Resto.