Marin County high school suspends hybrid learning after students attend party

A high school in Marin County suspended hybrid instruction for two weeks after learning of a large party and student sleepovers. 

Marin Catholic High School posted a statement on its website Monday of the sudden change to the class schedule. 

The school's principal Chris Valdez said hybrid learning is on pause until November 2, along with extra-curricular activities and athletic practices. In the meantime, all classes will be held over Zoom.

Since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, health officials have urged people to avoid large gatherings as those settings could increase the risk of transmission and exposure.

"Hosting a large party, in particular, is a grave breach of trust and the spirit of community that has allowed us to reopen in-person," said Valdez. 

While public health orders have loosened up in Marin County, large parties or functions are not permitted. When county guidelines or ordinances are broken that puts the others at risk. 

"I am very sorry that we have found ourselves in this situation. All of us, faculty and staff alike, are making sacrifices in our personal lives in order to make in-person learning happen for our families," said Valdez.

School officials do not believe any students were exposed to the virus during those unauthorized activities. However, Marin Catholic will go ahead with expanding COVID-testing for students and faculty.