Mario Woods rally at San Francisco City Hall

The Justice for Mario Woods Coalition stormed San Francisco City Hall Thursday demanding that Mayor Ed Lee fire Police Chief Greg Suhr.

It's been more than three weeks since San Francisco police shot and killed Mario Woods and emotions are still raw.

The group is critical of the mayor whom they say waited too long to comment on the Woods' incident.

Christopher Muhammad with the Nation of Islam said, "You don't take five days to speak to that kind of tragedy in your city because black lives matter."

Several people spoke at Thursday’s rally on the steps of City Hall in front of a crowd of about 200 demanding justice and that the five officers involved in the shooting be charged with murder.

They say Police Chief Greg Suhr spun murder into justifiable homicide by lying about cell phone video of the shooting.

Woods was gunned down December 2nd in the city's Bayview District. Police say he had a knife and had stabbed someone earlier that day.

In cell phone video, officers surround Woods. Police and bystanders can be heard yelling, "Drop your weapon!" As Woods tries to walk away, an officer tries to block his path. A flurry of shots can be heard on the video as Woods body falls to ground.

Police have said that Woods was going for his knife, but the Woods' family attorney John Burris says the first shot was fired before Woods' arm goes up, indicating that the 26 year old was reacting to being shot.

Muhammed said Woods was gunned down "execution style" and that state and city leaders need to take a stand on the matter.

"The mayor has to take a position!" he yelled. "The governor has to take a position! The lieutenant governor has to take a position! Until the silence is broken!"

Perry Jones, with the Justice for Mario Woods Coalition says he knew Woods and is afraid sometimes to walk down the street or drive his car because he does not want to be a victim of police. He supports the firing of Police Chief Greg Suhr, "We want to see him to back down because we know deep inside that he believes in justice."

One protester screamed, "We are going to stand until we see justice rain down on the black and brown community!"

Thursday’s rally was sponsored by Supervisor John Avalos who has been critical of SFPD in the wake of the Woods' shooting. He was not at the rally.

Demonstrators handed out cards that said "Now we must redistribute the pain" and "Boycott Christmas." Muhammad said the streets were too dangerous for young black men and others. "So we have got to affect your pocketbook. Tell the people in Union Square don't shop in San Francisco... go to Walnut Creek! Go to Burlingame!"

After the rally, protesters marched inside City Hall, through the rotunda, past Supervisors' offices and stopped in front of Mayor Ed Lee's office.
People chanted angrily. Jones said, [The mayor] is insensitive, we believe. He (hasn’t given) any condolences to the family."

Mayor Lee is currently on vacation but a representative from his office said he'd be back late next week.
Jones and his group say they'll be back at City Hall next week.

"We need to break those stereotypes we need to educate our officers that they are upstanding law abiding African American and brown men and yellow men are all alike."