Married cabaret duo puts on a show in 'Yes Dear'

Sit down with Scott Grinthal and Lauren Mayer and the laughs come easily.   The two have been married for fourteen years and will tell you that sometimes opposites attract and these two are a match made in music.  The two are preparing right now for their marital Valentine's cabaret called "Yes Dear".

As their opening song explains, "she's a southern california jew who isn't shy, he's a laid back long island catholic guy."

Mayer says their show is unique because they "have yet to find another duo married or not where the pianist is a woman and the cute singer is a guy."

Cabaret they say is about lowering the lights, grabbing your drink and just enjoying some great music, a few laughs and a bit of nostalgia. 

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Mayer says, "it's nice to get out for an evening and old fashioned entertainment as opposed to a club."   "How much live music are people hearing these days?" asks Grinthal.

For these two, a cabaret show is a getting to know you session.   She's "written some songs about our marriage and he tells great stories about his parents," says Mayer and it seems the harmony of these two on stage mirrors the life they have created off stage.

She is a classical singer and he is a theater performer.   They met through work, became friends.   Years later she found herself single again with two young boys, and that friendship grew to love.   Now they sing about that love and their marriage in this act.   It is a show that is all about feeling good.

"We don't touch politics in our act we don't insult each other we tease each other we don't really talk about appearance," says Mayer. "I do at one point refer to him as husband 2.0 but that's the extent of it we don't really get into it." 
Adds Grinthal. " we mention our religions Catholic and Jewish but we don't harp on that."

That's because they simply want you to feel good.   To take a little time to laugh and enjoy the humor.   While they admit it wasn't always easy learning how to work together.  "At first it didn't go great," says Grinthal, "I'm the recovering slacker and she's the type A."  These days it seems they've worked out the bugs and after both enduring a couple health scares they've gotten pretty good at appreciating the little moments.

During our entire interview they held hands and Mayer gushed about her significant other saying, "I love his voice and there was one point where we were singing a billy joel song and we were just doing a lalala, I looked over at him and I said how cool is this and I have this gorgeous talented husband who is fun and funny and I  get to make music with him."

Grinthal was equally enthralled, "she's awesome and she's beautiful and we have a good time together."

And so they want to share a little bit with you, the imperfections, the happy, and the sweetness, all mixed in with a lot of humor and a couple of kazoos.
"We get to do this just for the fun of it," says Grinthal, and they are hoping you join in.

Saturday, February 16, 2019 -- 8pm Performance/Doors 7pm - at Harvey Milk Center, 
50 Scott St. San Francisco


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