Mega Millions winner in Maine takes entire $1.35 billion jackpot

It might be Friday the 13th, but Mega Millions players in Alameda believed this could actually be their lucky day. The Mega Millions jackpot jumped to 1.35 billion dollars – the second largest prize in the game’s history.

Those dreams were dashed when a single ticket holder claimed the entire jackpot in the state of Maine later in the evening. Two California residents also got in on the action. Lottery officials said they matched five out of six numbers in the drawing. Those ticket holders were located in Burlingame and Riverside. 

"Everybody’s got a chance to take the big prize so why can’t it be me?" said Kevin Freund.

"You never know, but it only takes one they say, right?" said Bob Cantrell.

At E-Z Liquors #2 on Lincoln Avenue, a steady stream of customers lined up for their chance at becoming an instant billionaire.

"It’s too much money for one person," said a man named Antonio who leaves nearby.

"I mean I can’t even fathom how to spend that kind of money," said Freund.

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"I would retire," said April Adkins. "That’s what I’d do. I work 2 jobs so I would retire."

E-Z Liquors is one of the Bay Area’s lucky retailers, which means the businesses has sold at least one big winner in the past. Manager Zee Dames said they usually see huge demand during big jackpots, but this time lines have been noticeably shorter.

"I don’t know if it’s the weather or what it is. But people still want that billion dollars," said Dames. "We want people to win. Maybe they’ll give us a tip or something."

According to Lottery officials, six jackpots have been won on Friday the 13th in past years. Four of those wins were in the states of Michigan. This is the largest jackpot on this so-called unlucky day.