Millions of 'Painted Lady' butterflies migrating across SoCal from Mexico

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What a beautiful sight to see!

Millions of colorful butterflies are migrating across California from Mexico.

The species is called 'Painted Ladies' which is similar looking to the Monarch butterfly but not the same.

They can fly more than 2,000 miles at a time, according to National Geographic. 

They have been spotted flying low and fast through Downtown L.A., the San Fernando Valley, Santa Monica and just about everywhere else.

These butterflies spend the winter in the US-Mexico border and fly north to their breeding grounds in Oregon.

According to the U.S. Forest Service- San Bernardino National Forest Facebook page: 

They say, 'It’s an event that happens every year, however due to heavy rainfall this winter the desert plants the butterflies breed on are plentiful, and more flowers means more butterflies!'

Many people have taken to social media for this beautiful occurrence:

 Twitter user Peter MacNicol said: 

Matt Acevedo posted:  

The migration also happens between Africa and Europe too. 

Have you seen them in your area?  Let us know!