More falling concrete on Richmond-San Rafael Bridge

The CHP says a woman reported her windshield was hit by two falling pieces of concrete on the Richmond-San Rafael Bridge Friday night. 

It happened while she was driving on the bridge just before 8 p.m. She told officers the concrete was smaller than the size of a baseball and left two chips in her windshield

Lanes were not shut down, but there was traffic because of scheduled repair work being done.

This isn’t the first time this has happened on the bridge. In February, an expansion joint failed.
It sent concrete from the upper to the lower deck of the bridge, damaging a car.

Then just a week ago on April 5, another piece of concrete broke off and fell onto the bridge. That time no cars were damaged and Caltrans said the contractor was to blame.

An $8 million project is underway to replace 60 expansion joints. It’s expected to last several months. 

When that project was announced, Caltrans said the bridge was safe.

KTVU reached out to Caltrans about this incident but has not yet heard back.