Mother's Day rally for abortion rights held in Marin County

From Berkeley to San Rafael, hundreds gathered for two Bay Area rallies in support of abortion rights.

The rally in San Rafael was co-organized with non-profit Marin County Fridges.

Co-organizer Madeline Larson, says she joined forces with the non-profit after holding a similar rally on Tuesday. 

"I was absolutely heartbroken," said Larson, upon hearing about the leaked majority draft opinion by the US Supreme Court, which appeared to strike down Roe v. Wade.

"I just made a flier for Tuesday, and we had about 30 people show up, and I said this would be a really powerful thing on Mother’s Day," Larson added.

Sunday's rally lasted for several hours outside the Marin County Civic Center.

"We’re going back in time, instead of forward," said Yvonne Drisdell of San Rafael, who attended the rally.

Drisdell said that she still vividly remembers the day that the landmark decision from the nation’s highest court came down in 1973, a decision that would directly impact her own life.

"Yes, I have made the choice to have an abortion. So I know what people go through, said Drisdell. "It’s a very personal choice, and some people don’t want to go that route. People need to make their own decisions."

Nearby at the rally was Ashley Einhouse, who said she received an abortion after complications during a pregnancy.

"I needed that abortion, and I can’t imagine what it would have been like if I was denied that," said Einhouse.

The rally also included a number of families who set aside their Mother’s Day plans in order to make their views on abortion known.

"I can’t imagine a better way to spend it, truly, truly," said Beth Block of Larksburg, who was at the rally with her husband and daughter.

"I just think it’s really important to support all the women out there," said her husband, Bob Block. 

"With this going on, we feel it so important to advocate," added her daughter, Kate Block.

Another rally goer, Jaei Harris, offered this message to the justices of the US Supreme Court.  

"Think of these women as people, and that people can have their own autonomy to make their own decision, it's as simple as that," said Harris.

A 2020 Associated Press poll, conducted ahead of the last US presidential election, found that around 69 percent of voters wanted the US Supreme Court to leave Roe v. Wade, as is.