Mountain View community rallies around police officer wounded in shooting

The community of Mountain View is sending the officer who was shot during a traffic stop a lot of love and appreciation.

The officer was shot and wounded in the upper body Saturday by a person he had pulled over. He was taken to the hospital with non-life-threatening injuries, police said. 

"Our hearts are so full from all the well wishes and support we have received since our officer was injured in a shooting yesterday," said Police Chief Chris Hsiung in a Twitter post. He shared photos of cards, donuts, coffee and other items sent to the Police Station.

The officer was released from the hospital Saturday night and is recovering at home.

"Thank you so much to the Chinese community for this generosity. We so appreciate it," he said.

The officer did not return fire, and the suspect allegedly fled.

Katie Nelson of the Mountain View Police Department said they know who the suspect is, but they are not releasing his name to the public.

"There is information right now that is helpful to identifying and safely apprehending a suspect," said Nelson. "And to release that publicly right now could jeopardize either our ability to detain the individual or they could suddenly disappear and there is no resolution in this case."

Officials said the suspect is armed and dangerous. Anyone with information should call the MVPD.