Mountain View man accused of trafficking 15 year-old girl from Arizona he met on Snapchat

Mountain View Police are looking for more victims in a suspected trafficking case. They believe 22-year old Justin Watson of Sunnyvale was using Snapchat to meet young girls for sex, including a 15 year old, brought here from Arizona.

His wife alerted Mountain View Police.
"She was concerned because she had reason to believe that he had contacted an underage female and had picked her up from Arizona," says Det. Angelica Espitia of Mountain View Police.
As it turns out, the girl was 15. Police found her and Watson at the Mountain View Target. She told authorities the two met on Snapchat which led to a lot of questions.
"Who else was he doing that to? What exactly was he saying? How far was he willing to take this?" says Katie Nelson of Mountain View Police.
A preliminary investigation found Watson had allegedly had contact with a dozen other potential victims on Snapchat, often posing as a 16 or 17 years-old himself.
According to the South Bay Coalition to End Human Trafficking, this is why parents need to pay attention.
"Law enforcement is reporting that they are seeing an increased use of online grooming techniques and so that is of concern," says Sharan Dhanoa of the South Bay Coalition to End Human Trafficking.
"Knowing who your kids are talking to and being very candid with kids about how there's people out there who are potentially exploiters. And being very clear with your kids about what grooming could potentially look like," said Perla Flores of the South Bay Coalition to End Human Trafficking.
Authorities suspect Watson may have been grooming others. They're hoping those victims will recognize his face and come forward.
"At this time we are still under investigation, trying to find out how widespread. How far out it truly goes," says Det. Espitia 

Watson was arrested on several charges relating to unlawful sex with a minor. 

Anyone with information is asked to email Mountain View Police.