Multifamily housing near Steph Curry's Atherton home gets approval

While the battle over a housing plan for the town of Atherton ruffled the feathers of some residents, including power couple Steph and Ayesha Curry, in the end, city leaders who were up against the clock, had the last word.

The city council on Tuesday adopted a housing plan that moves forward the development of 348 mixed-income units in the swanky community over a period of eight years, as required by the state.

The housing plan needed to be submitted to the state by Jan. 31.

The state said Atherton must designate 148 of those units to those at the "very low" and "low income" level. The town must also set aside 56 units for those at the moderate-income threshold and 144 new homes for residents above the moderate-income range.

Atherton's housing plan includes the use of 10 vacant lots and the development of housing units at Menlo College for faculty and students.

Also, part of the plan is 23 Oakwood that drew the resistence of Steph an Ayesha Curry, who in a letter to city leaders voiced their opposition to a multifamily housing development behind their $30 million home, as first reported by the Almanac. 

Currently, on the 1.5 acre lot behind the Curry residence is a single-family home. The landowner had previously expressed interest in building 16 townhomes on the plot, which the town agreed to at Tuesday's city council meeting.

The town also added a zoning overlay to the site that allows the land to remain as single-family housing, if the land is sold, according to the Almanac. 

City leaders were worried about buyer's remedy, which would give landowners more free rein on what is built, if the town didn't submit a housing plan to the state by Jan. 31.