Steph, Ayesha Curry oppose multifamily housing near swanky Atherton home

Warriors superstar Steph Curry and his wife Ayesha Curry penned a letter to Atherton city leaders voicing their opposition to a proposed multifamily housing development behind the couple's $30 million home in the swanky town.

"Safety and privacy for us and our kids continue to be our top priority and one of the biggest reasons we chose Atherton as home," the Currys wrote in an email to the city's mayor and city manager.

If the project is approved contractors would knock down a $3.9 million home and in its place build 15 to 18 three-story townhomes on Oakwood Boulevard.

The Curry family isn't alone in opposing the plan. Many of their neighbors and residents in Redwood City are against the state-required proposal to provide multifamily housing for all income levels.

The housing plan needs to be submitted to the state by Tuesday.

Oakwood Boulevard divides Atherton and Redwood City.

"This location is not set up for that type of traffic and overflow parking, etc. that you would expect from that a development that size," said Redwood City resident David Perry.

A city council meeting on Tuesday was packed with those in opposition to the state mandate.

"People pay millions of dollars to live here and expect, in return, privacy, and space," said one Atherton community member.

Added another, "You need to back harder and not be so quick to assume we must do what they say."