Napa boy, 14, arrested after threatening mass shooting at school

A 14-year-old boy is in police custody for making criminal threats, as Napa police are trying to reassure parents that there is no ongoing threat to River Middle School and Vintage High School,  the two schools the student allegedly targeted.

Police say they found evidence at the teen's home that he was researching and planning a mass shooting. 

Police found out about it, after the teen told a fellow student about his plans.

When his friend threatened to report it to police, the teen then threatened to kill his friend.

Despite that threat, on Dec. 31, the friend reported the information to police, and two days later the teen was arrested.

All of this happened while school was out of session for the winter break.

Napa police didn't tell the public about what happened, until just Monday night.

In a statement released, they praised the student for alerting police, even though the suspect threatened the student’s life.

“We want to praise the victim for coming forward and talking to their parents and the police.  We believe based on the information collected at this point, this was possibly a tragedy averted and are thankful for the information provided to us,” police wrote on Facebook
In the comments section, some parents praised the work of Napa police detectives, as well as the student who alerted police. Others, though, upset the district and police didn’t tell parents about all earlier.