Napa boy's 11th birthday wish is donations, not gifts

A 10-year-old Napa boy is celebrating his birthday without gifts, and he says that's just the way he wants it.

 For the sixth year in a row, Sergio Mairena is putting on a donation drive for a Bay Area family resource center.

"I actually jump up and down forty times every time I see a box," said Sergio. 

The boxes are filled with formula, baby wipes and outlet covers for Cope Family Center in Napa, which provides parents in need with free educational resources and support.  

"They’re critical. Families are so stressed and raising children is expensive. These are basic essentials that these families need, and the costs are rising, so having them available through our safety net services is a huge help to families," said Colleen Masi of the Cope Family Center.

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"It makes me very, very proud," said Sergio's mother, Rosanna Mairena. "Ever since he was small he’s always helped, whether it was picking up things off the floor or always asking, how can I help, how can I help with his teachers, so he’s always had that mindset of what can I do."

His skills have been put to good use by the team at Cope, where both the mother and her son volunteer throughout the year.

"Sergio has some amazing skills. We host family events, to connect families, help them create positive community connections, and this year he helped host them, and we’ve been doing them on Zoom," said Masi.

"I’m excited because I know I’m making a difference," said Sergio. "At my school they say any act of kindness that you put out will come back to you in some way."

Last year, Sergio collected around 25 boxes of donated items for the Cope Family Center. This year’s he’s hoping for 35.  

Supply donations can be made through Sergio's mother's Facebook page.