Napa County's registered voters returning early ballots in large numbers

With two days remaining before Election Day on Tuesday, the registrar for one Bay Area county is reporting that registered voters continue to return their ballots early - and in large numbers. 

Napa County Registrar John Tuteur said that as of 5 p.m. Friday, the county's Registrar of Voters office has received and processed 46,869 ballots for Tuesday's presidential election.

Tuteur added that this represents 55.4 percent of the overall turnout of the county's registered voters to date. 

"I am pleased that voters are voting safely by using their vote by mail ballots and voting early to avoid congestion on Election Day," he said. 

Comparing the latest numbers for Tuesday's presidential election with the last presidential election in November 2016, only 33,117 registered voters returned their ballots at this point in the election cycle, which represented a 43 percent overall turnout. 

Tuteur added that when the 2016 election was certified, 82.3 percent of the county's registered voters had cast ballots. 

"If this trend continues, we could approach a 90 percent final turnout which would be the highest turnout in the past 60 years," Tuteur said. 

Napa County encourages voters who need to vote in person to visit the county's nine vote centers Sunday and Monday. Pandemic screening, social distancing and shorter wait times will be easier to navigate on these days as opposed to Tuesday, Tuteur said.

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