Napa evacuee returns to destruction, cat waiting in driveway

Like so many other evacuated from their Napa homes, Susie and Tony Narducci, who already knew their home was incinerated, stood in a so-called pets and meds line, hoping against hope.

For just a few minutes, police, took evacuees to their homes to retrieve prescriptions or, like the Narducci's, to find their pet cat, OK.

Miraculously, the cat was patiently waiting in the driveway.

"We got our cat. I saw that. Awesome. My Golf clubs. I can't believe she survived since Sunday."

Nancy Bruce, Volunteer Police Chaplain, told KTVU, "Talk to them, have compassion, let them talk. Sometimes we can do physical things. We always carry water with us or bars and things like that."

Even though the devastation is far from over, many are remaining positive. 

"We're so much better off than so many people in the world that I'm grateful for what we do have," said Napa resident Barbara Beato. 

Susie Narducci said smiling that finding her cat was "so wonderful."