Napa fundraiser for family of a Southern California firefighter murdered by a co-worker

In Napa, a fundraiser is underway for the family of a Southern California firefighter murdered by a co-worker. 

It's a raffle to win a one-of-a-kind American flag crafted from used fire hoses.

"When someone is affected anywhere in the fire service family we want to do whatever we can to help," said Napa Fire Captain Ryan Chagonjian, who makes the flags.

On June 1, Los Angeles County firefighter Tory Carlon was gunned down shortly after starting his morning shift.

Carlon, 44, was a 20-year veteran, respected and well-liked by colleagues who called him a leader and a mentor.

The firefighter who shot him also critically wounded the firehouse captain who tried to intervene.

Then the shooter committed suicide.

Investigators say the violence stemmed from a work dispute that escalated over time.

"I think at the end of the day, we're all human," said Chagonjian. "Mental health is a real thing and hopefully we can bring that to light so this doesn't happen again in the future."

Chagonian's Napa garage is his flag factory, with his wife, father and brother-in-law pitching in to help turn fire hoses into wall art.

"They are either taken out of service because they're burned or they're expired due to years of service," he explained.

The hoses are flattened and cut into strips, painted and stapled on plywood.

Stars are made with a lazer cutter.

Each flag is a four to six-hour project. 

Chagonjian made his first flag seven years ago after completing his fire probationary period.

"It was a gift to Station 2 for taking me in and showing me the ropes," he recalled.

"It just kind of grew into something else and so far, we've raised over $100,000 for about 100 various charities making these flags."

The flag being raffled is 24 by 40 inches, and tickets are $10 each, with 100% of proceeds going to the Carlon family.

"Every single firefighter in the country has heard about it and probably felt heartbreak over it," said Napa firefighter Matt Colburn, who has been promoting the raffle on social media.

"We really do care and there's no better way to bring awareness and show support to the family and the entire family of the L.A. County Fire Department."

Fire families know the job can be dangerous, but fire stations are regarded safe spaces, a second home. 

The tragedy was a reminder that workplace violence can happen anywhere.

Firefighter Carlon was married with three daughters, and his eldest, Joslyn, graduated high school two days after his death.

She was escorted and cheered by hundreds of L.A. firefighters and wore her dad's coat accepting her diploma.

"I saw she was wearing his turnout coat and that was special to see he was there with her," said Colburn.

Raffle tickets for the wood-framed flag will be sold through Friday at 5 pm, then a winner drawn, and proceeds forwarded to the Los Angeles Firefighters' Union.

A GoFundMe account is also raising money for Carlon's family.

"I'm sure he brought a lot to the table with his years of experience and passion for the craft," said Chagonjian.

So I can only imagine what those guys are feeling down there right now as well as his family."

To buy a raffle ticket to win the flag, click here.

To help the Carlon family, click here.