Young mom killed in Rodeo shooting, neighbors say

The Contra Costa Sheriff's Office is investigating a shooting death that happened in Rodeo on Saturday evening, which neighbors say took the life of a young mother.

The sheriff’s office has shared few details about their ongoing investigation, only confirming that firefighters arrived at the 100 block of Rodeo Drive around at around 10:30 p.m., and found a victim bleeding from a gunshot wound. Firefighters performed life-saving measures, but the victim died at the scene.

But a neighbor said the victim staggered for help after getting shot

"She was trying to get help. Got out the car, came up to get help, went back to her car, and collapsed within like 30 seconds," said a neighbor who told KTVU that she knew the victim.

"They tried to resuscitate her, but she bled out," said the neighbor. The neighbor says the victim was dating her son's best friend, and was on her way to visit him, when shots were fired at her car a few blocks away.

"They shot her Mercedes Benz from the back, two bullet holes, and one hit her neck," said the neighbor.

The sheriff’s office says it received multiple reports of shots fired at around the same time that evening. A neighbor on nearby Mariposa Street said she was shaken out of bed by the rapid-fire gunshots. She said deputies soon arrived and began scanning the block outside her home. 


Unruly crowds, fights and stabbing at Emeryville mall

There were multiple fights at a shopping mall in Emeryville and one person was stabbed in a chaotic scene that police said involved hundreds of young people on Sunday evening.

On Rodeo Drive neighbors say their street was shut down until 6 a.m. Sunday as investigators collected evidence. 

Those who say they knew the victim are now searching for answers and hoping for justice.

"She was young, bubbly, trending, she made money, she was a good mom," said a neighbor, adding the woman had an 8-year-old son.

The Contra Costa Sheriff’s Office has yet to identify the victim. It's also unclear whether any arrests have been made.