New stuffed animal allows you to give and receive hugs across the world

Via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi, your Parihug can choose from different plush Pari amongst your Pari-family to send a hug, and even link to a Fitbit to transmit your heartbeat. In addition, an alert will be sent to your phone if you miss a hug.

The 20-year-old founder of the Parihug, Xyla Foxlin told Mashable how the idea came to be. 

"I was in a long distance relationship for about a year-and-a-half. At some point I was having a rough time at my job and was really unhappy, but I had nothing to say to my boyfriend, Foxlin explained. "I didn't want to text him or call him. I just wanted a way to reach out to know he was there. I started wondering if hugging over the internet was possible."

The company plans a crowdfunding campaign to target a price of $75, and is looking to market it toward families that are split apart, long distance couples, troops overseas, and children in hospitals that could use a hug. Watch the video to see the heartwarming gesture a 5-year-old girl made with her stuffed animal.