Newsom enters the 2018 California gubernatorial race

SAN FRANCISCO (KTVU and Wires) – Democratic Lt. Gov. Gavin Newsom is assembly a committee for a run for governor in 2018, according to a posting on his Facebook and web site Wednesday.

Newsom, a two-time mayor of San Francisco and twice elected to the office of lieutenant governor, said he was making the move to begin gathering the financing needed for a gubernatorial run.

"The reality of running for Governor – even four years from now – in America's largest, most diverse state demands that I start raising resources now if we're going to lead a conversation worthy of the 38 million people who live, work, attend school and raise families in the Golden State," Newsom wrote on his Facebook page.

Newsom also acknowledged of the work of current Governor Jerry Brown.

"Today, Californians are blessed with the remarkable leadership of Governor Jerry Brown, who in the face of long odds has led our state to firm fiscal footing and brought us to the enviable position of dreaming – and achieving – big dreams again," he wrote.

"Even so, long-term challenges remain daunting – we must continue to grow our economy and create private-sector jobs, we must invest in public education and keep college affordable, we must address the widening inequalities that separate our communities and we must maintain California's historic leadership in meeting the climate challenge."

Newsom was initially thought to be interested in replacing U.S. Sen. Barbara Boxer who has announced she would not run for re-election. But then he decided not to run against a strong field that includes state Attorney General Kamala Harris.

As for the gubernatorial race, Newsom promised a campaign that will go beyond the ordinary.

"I make this promise – this won't be an ordinary campaign – but, then again, California has always been an extraordinary place," he wrote.