NFC Championship gear draws 49ers Faithful from far and near

San Francisco 49ers fans are paying big money to be part of the Super Bowl journey with their team.

About 40 people were waiting in line just to get into the team store at Levi's Stadium in Santa Clara Monday to buy NFC Championship gear.

The store was buzzing with many fans paying about $40 dollars each for the same championship tee-shirts and hats the players sported on television the night prior.

One family from New Mexico drove with eight family members for 14 hours in a minivan to attend the NFC championship game and the memorable experience didn't come cheap.

"Just on tickets alone was over $3,000 dollars," said Raelynn Rangell of Gallup, New Mexico.

Her 6-year-old brother, Isaiah Cosens, said he most enjoyed the plane flyover and the pretzel at Levi's Stadium, but the first grade student did have some complaints about Sunday's big game.

"It was actually too loud first of all. Second of all, at night it got way too cold," said Cosens.

All over the South Bay, 49ers fans Monday donned red and gold gear. 

Frank Baronessa of San Jose was at the team store buying his wife a Jimmy Garoppolo jersey.

"She thinks he's cute. We got to keep her happy," Baronessa said with a laugh.

At Sports Fever in Campbell, the manager says the 49ers Super Bowl run is the equivalent to another Christmas in terms of sales.

Customer Melissa Sanchez attended the NFC championship game with her husband.

"I have never been in a stadium that loud. And everybody was so excited," said Sanchez of San Jose.

She is especially proud to see 49ers offensive assistant coach Katie Sowers become the first woman in NFL history to coach in a Super Bowl.

Sanchez herself is a high school football coach at Westmont High School in Campbell where she coaches special teams.

"It shouldn't be a big deal but it still is. I still get the looks at our level here that I'm a female coach so it means a lot to me to see that," said Sanchez. 

Edgar Acosta was shopping in Campbell with his brother and both noted the upcoming Super Bowl against the Kansas City Chiefs will highlight a family rivalry.

"It's going to be interesting because I have a lot of family in Kansas City. They're all Chiefs fans," said Edgar Acosta of Las Vegas.

"Takes us back to the World Series when the Giants were playing the Kansas City Royals and how close that was but we'll see how it goes. I'm excited for the Super Bowl and talking trash to my cousins," said Oscar Acosta of San Jose.