Oakland A's fans rally to keep team here

A group of Oakland A's fans will gather together encouraging the team to stay here.

Fans will rally at Oakland City Hall ahead of Tuesday's council meeting.

They're calling on all A's fans to make their voices heard.

The city council will also vote on a resolution affirming that the Oakland A's belong in Oakland.

The resolution is not binding; the team is still planning to move to Las Vegas. 

Meanwhile, a Nevada group opposing the proposed A's ballpark in Las Vegas must write up a new ballot initiative or appeal to the Nevada Supreme Court.

A judge ruled their initiative is "legally deficient" and "confusing.

The Nevada teachers union wants voters to approve or reject the state giving $380 million to help finance the $1.5 billion dollar ballpark.

Time is running out for relocation opponents, as baseball owners are meeting next week, when they're expected to approve the A's moving to Vegas.