Oakland A's sneaky possum becomes makeshift mascot

A possum living in the walls of the Oakland Athletics Coliseum is quickly becoming a fan favorite.

The sneaky critter has resided at the stadium for years, team followers say, but this season is leaving lasting impressions.

Memes and T-shirts featuring the possum are being eaten up by fans. The makeshift mascot even has its own Twitter account.

But while fans seem to be embracing its crafty tactics, visiting teams aren't so sure. 

Last week the possum forced the New York Mets' television announcers out of the visitors' broadcast booth. 

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The visiting team had set traps for the possum in preparation for the game, but it proved elusive. When they entered the booth on game day, they were driven out by the foul order left behind by the possum's droppings.

The possum also surprised Los Angeles Angels' announcers during the season opener, popping out of the ceiling as they covered the game.

The "Rally Possum" can be traced back to 2014 when it was seen scurrying across the field during a game against the Twins.

Built in 1966, it's likely a family of possums living in the Coliseum. But for now fans claim one pesky critter as their favorite.

The A's have been trying to build a new stadium for years. The team's lease at the Coliseum ends after the 2024 season. It's unclear whether they will stay in Oakland or move to a new city.