Oakland couple says road rage incident turned racist

OAKLAND, Calif. (KTVU) - An Oakland couple says a road rage incident turned racist when woman in a black Audi sedan swerved around them, shouted racial slurs at them, and made an obscene gesture as the couple was driving on Interstate 80 westbound in Emeryville. 

Marshaunte Farris says her boyfriend was driving her back to Oakland from a doctor's appointment about 10 a.m. Monday when they noticed a woman swerving around them and cutting them off. 

"She was just yelling and we looked at each other and thought she's crazy. She is so mad," said Farris.

She and her boyfriend Shamieq Sheppard say they tried to ignore the woman and drive away. 

"She sped up and kind of cut me off and I'm like whoa. Then next thing I know she put her head out the window, middle finger screaming out the window," said Sheppard.

They say for about ten minutes he woman kept following and cutting them off. Then they say the road rage, turned racist.

"Then she gets over again and oh, f-you and calling us black b******," said Farris.

As the woman drove past and headed toward San Francisco, the video captures her saying the f-word, n-word, b-word, and c-word.

"If you're angry you honk at a person, and then you try to get around them and go on your way," 

Farris posted the woman's rant on social media and it went viral.

"What I wanted to do is raise awareness for the situation. You can't treat us like it's the 1950's. It's 2018 you have to treat people with respect," said Farris, "I was never raised to see color, only personality and she sees clearly color." 

"The pervasiveness of technology, that can help. In this incident like this, put people accountable," said CHP spokesman Officer Herman Baza.

He says the CHP took a report from the couple and said they're investigating.

"In this instance there is video of it and the investigating officer is going to determine charges, if any are going to be filed," said Officer Baza. 

Farris says some people said they recognized the woman as a financial executive and heard that she'd been fired but Farris has not heard from the woman or the company. 

"A lot of people are saying she's so bold to do it public. Like, are you saying it's okay to do it in private? Are you saying it's okay to do it...in your home or your friends? It's never okay," said Farris.