Oakland police release bodycam video in deadly shooting

Oakland police released bodycam video showing the deadly officer-involved shooting of Joshua Pawlik.

The 32-year Pawlik, homeless and mentally ill, was found lying in between two homes on 40th Street near Market Street. Officers said he had a gun.

Police surrounded him, pointed their rifles at him and brought in an armored vehicle.

Officers repeatedly yelled at him not to touch the gun.

"Get your hand off the gun!" officers shouted.

Pawlik can be seen on video moving around and looking up at times.

But police say he didn't respond to their commands.

Just before the shooting, an officer tells a colleague, "If that gun moves, bag him."

And just 10 seconds later, Pawlik is shot and killed by Sgt. Francisco Negrete and officers William Berger, Brandon Hraiz and Craig Tanaka.

Police said Pawlik posed an "immediate threat" and released a photo of the gun they found.

Adante Pointer, an attorney representing Pawlik's mother, said, "This is a young man who was unjustifiably shot.

Pointer said, "He was not posing a threat directly to the officers when he was unconscious or when he was sleeping, and the officers had ample opportunity to do the right thing here, which would have resulted in Mr. Pawlik still being alive today."

Pointer says there are similarities to the fatal Oakland police shooting of Demouria Hogg back in 2015. Hogg was found unresponsive in a car on the Lakeshore Avenue off-ramp to I-580 and was killed when he allegedly reached for a gun.

"They used the same tactics here that they did in the Demouria Hogg situation, and once again, somebody winds up dead who shouldn't be,' Pointer said.

Pointer, who works with civil-rights attorney John Burris, said Pawlik's mother is considering filing a lawsuit.

Oakland police released a statement acknowledging that "any officer-involved shooting is heartbreaking for all involved, and impacts our entire community."

But they said they could not comment further because the internal-affairs investigation is still ongoing. The Alameda County district attorney's office is also looking into the officers' actions.

WATCH on YouTube: Oakland Police Body Cam Video of fatal shooting in March 2018