Oakland sees deadly weekend, 3 homicides in just over 24 hours

It was a deadly weekend in Oakland, as the city saw its first homicides of the year. Three people were killed on Saturday and Sunday in three separate shootings.

"We’re leaving the neighborhood, it’s too dangerous," said one West Oakland neighbor, who lives just feet from where a person was shot and killed on Linden Street Saturday evening. 

The victim arrived at Summit Medical Center in a private vehicle.

"That’s what’s normal," said the neighbor. "I want to leave."

In East Oakland, another person was shot and killed Saturday night on San Leandro Street and Seminary Avenue, not far from the Oakland Coliseum. The woman was rushed to a nearby hospital where police say she later died. 

Then Sunday morning, police arrived at the intersection of 89th Avenue and Plymouth Street to find another person shot. He died at the scene. In the wake of the deadly shootings, some Oakland residents expressed frustration over the violence, wondering where their tax dollars are going when it comes to public safety.

"The city isn’t looking out for its people," said Bobbi from Oakland. "It just has to be neighbors looking out for neighbors."

The violence comes as both Oakland Mayor Sheng Thao and Alameda County DA Pamela Price continue to fend off criticism over their job performances. Both are now facing recall efforts.

Meanwhile, the city's search for a new police chief is now nearing the one-year mark, and a recent investigation into Oakland's lagging 911 system revealed that hundreds of dispatcher applications were never processed.

"If you've ever had to dial 911, you're going to be on hold," said Lucas of Oakland.

Sunday morning, a previously planned community discussion on public safety was held at Bethlehem Lutheran Church, a short distance from where the Linden shooting occurred.

"Our community deserves to have faith again, and trust," said one attendee.

The group also went to survey the neighborhood.

"There is gun violence, there is shootings in this neighborhood, there are robberies, vandalism, cars being broken into, it’s all of the above. We want to provide alternatives to that, and come up with ways that the community can come together to address those issues," said Todd Benson, pastor of Bethlehem Lutheran Church.  

Last year, the city of Oakland recorded 126 homicides. 

So far police have yet to announce any arrests in the three latest homicides.