Oakland Unified School District presents reopening plan

Officials from Oakland Unified School District are expected to release details of what the coming school year will look like for students, teachers and parents. 

A leaked document called "Strong Start for Every Student" says teachers will return on August 5 so that classes may begin on August 10. Instruction will begin online for the first two weeks with parents and students.

Those sessions will outline to parents and students what is to be taught and learned. A month in, and still online, instruction will be with several students in small groups. 

Public schools in Oakland and across California stopped holding classes in-person months before the 2019-2020 school year came to a close because of the coronavirus outbreak. 

Eight-thousand people responded to the survey Oakland Unified School District put out on July 2. The feedback will factor into discussion as Oakland considers if, when and how to reopen its schools.

Earlier the American Academy of Pediatrics gave its blessings to opening in-school classes.

“So far the evidence points to children being at less risk of contracting the virus and spreading it and when children do get the virus, largely they're either asymptomatic or have mild illness," said Dr. Nora Pfaff, a UCSF Pediatrician.

This sets up a battle scenario between President Trump, Governor Newsom and the state's school districts.

This week, President Trump reiterated his demands and threats to cut federal funds aimed at those who think reopening the schools is premature.

“We're very much going to put pressure on governors and everybody else to open the schools,” said the president. 

Newsom responded that reopening schools safely would be his foundational principle. 

District staff and parents held a car caravan earlier this week, demanding the schools remain closed during the pandemic.

“What our community should be doing now is raising hell about how we have not been given the healthcare resources that we need and that we deserve here in Oakland. Around California the virus is exploding and not just Trump, but Newsom needs to do something,” said Oakland Special Education teacher Adarene Hoag.

Oakland schools insists the safety of its 37,000 students is its top priority.