Pacifica, San Francisco consider resolutions to impeach President Donald Trump

An IMPEACH Donald Trump sign, paid for by the California-based Courage Campaign, debuted on the Bay Bridge. Sept. 25, 2017

More Bay Area cities are considering asking Congress to consider adopting impeachment resolutions against President Donald Trump.

On Monday, the Pacifica City Council considered the resolution but didn’t vote to ask the House Judiciary committee to see if there are grounds for impeachment. Three members of the Pacifica council were uncomfortable with doing that, according to Steve Rapport, a Pacifica Resist and Indivisible SF member.

Instead, there was talk of asking the mayor to write a letter to Rep. Jackie Speier, urging Congress to investigate the actions of the president, without mentioning the word “impeach.”

On Tuesday, the San Francisco County Board of Supervisors will be considering the same action although the actual vote will come later. Progressive activist and billionaire Tom Steyer is set to speak at a City Hall rally in San Francisco at noon.

“As we see this ‘president’ continue daily to flout the laws, ethics, oaths, mores, values and rules of this nation,” said Indivisible San Francisco and Pacifica Steve. “It has become painfully obvious that there’s no simple enforcement mechanism for the provisions of the United States’ Constitution.”

These resolutions are symbolic, but send "a strong message from the community to California's  Congressional delegation that Donald Trump needs investigation into his potential violation of the Foreign Emoluments Clause of the U. S. Constitution and other crimes such as obstruction of justice," organizers have said.

Activists argue that Trump has been "in direct violation" of the Constitution because of his personal and business holdings present "unprecedented conflicts of interest."

For his part, Trump has denied any wrongdoing. His representatives have argued that selling his business empire or putting it into a blind trust would be too difficult. In January, Trump told reporters at the White House that the first lawsuit was "without merit. Totally without merit."

At least 16 other cities in the country have passed impeachment resolutions, according to Impeach Donald Trump Now, a non-partisan national campaign led by Free Speech for People in Washington, D.C.