Pet Pig Falls into Atlanta Manhole, Owner Climbs In With Him

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An Atlanta pet owner said she called 911, Animal Control, and the Watershed Department along with several others, but no one would help get her pet pig that was stuck inside a manhole in southwest Atlanta. The determined owner took matters into her own hands and climbed down inside the hole with her pig, which got some attention.

"This is my baby and I was told that no one was going to come help us so I could not let him sit down here alone," said Latoria Middleton, who spoke with FOX 5's Nathalie Pozo from inside the 15-foot deep manhole.

Middleton said the pig, named "Rick Bacon Ross," went missing Wednesday. Middleton said her dog followed the pig's scent and she found him inside the manhole Thursday, but no one would help rescue him, until she called FOX 5 News.

"It was not until this morning when I called FOX 5 News and they came out and I am so glad that they did that because without them I would not have him home," said Middleton. "It is the best Christmas gift I could ask for."

After Middleton was inside the hole for about an hour, help arrived. The pig pet owner broke down in tears. Atlanta Fire Rescue said the 200-pound pig was too heavy for a person to lift, so they brought in their equipment and lowered it into the hole.

Atlanta Fire Rescue was able to lift the squealing pig out. Middleton was overjoyed. "So happy, glad that he is out and so happy that everyone came to help me," said Middleton.

Rick Bacon Ross did not suffer any major injuries, just some bruises and scratches. He is back at home with his owner.