Plea deal results in no conviction for ex-Oakland officer charged in sex exploitation scandal

A former Oakland police officer who was charged in connection with the department’s “Celeste Guap” sex exploitation scandal plead no contest Thursday and the case was resolved with no criminal conviction. 

Terryl Smith is the last current or former officer to be prosecuted by Alameda County District Attorney Nancy O'Malley with respect to the alleged sexual exploitation of Jasmine Abuslin, the daughter of an Oakland police dispatcher who was a self-described sex worker formerly known as Celeste Guap. 

If Smith does not get arrested in the next 18 months his case will be dismissed. 

Smith was originally charged with five counts of the crime when investigators found he had accessed law enforcement databases five times between January and April and turned over information to Abuslin, informing her about her criminal record.

O’Malley announced in a September 2016 news conference that smith had sexual contact with the woman, but those incidents happened in Contra Costa County, which is outside of O’Malley’s jurisdiction. 

O’Malley also stated in September 2016 she intended on prosecuting the seven current and former police officers. Most of the other defendants who were prosecuted had their cases dismissed because of insufficient evidence. Other former officers took plea deals that resulted in probation or no jail time.