Pleasant Hill neighbors shook after skateboarder injured in stabbing

Police are still searching for a driver who stabbed a skateboarder in the community of Pleasant Hill on Wednesday evening.

Arriving officers discovered a 23-year-old skateboarder bleeding from multiple stab wounds near the 3000 block of Putnam Boulevard. Police say the victim and two friends were skateboarding in the area when a car drove by twice and people inside threw eggs at them. The victim threw something back at the attacker’s car, damaging it. Police say that’s when the driver hopped out and began stabbing the victim, before taking off in what’s described as an older model four-door Toyota Corolla or similar make, with a damaged windshield.

"Never heard anything like that happening in the past so it's definitely a shock," said neighbor Chris Keith.

"That’s terrible. That breaks my heart," said Laurie Rardin, who is in town visiting her grandchild. "I hate seeing senseless crimes like that for something ridiculous like that."

News of the violence also left skateboarders in the community rattled.

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"We never have anything even close to anything to like that kind of violence, like stabbings or shootings or anything like that," said Isaiah Marvin. "It’s usually a really friendly community here. We have people of all ages, of all genders, like bikes, skateboarders."

Pleasant Hill Police is asking anyone with leads or surveillance video of the incident to call the department.

Meanwhile, the victim is reported to be in stable condition at the hospital.