Police pursuit crosses Dumbarton Bridge, 2 shooting suspects in custody

A man and a woman are in custody thanks to two lucky breaks as San Mateo police investigate a shooting in a store parking lot Monday afternoon that left one person injured.

Officers responded to La Hacienda Market at 201 N Amphlett Boulevard around 2:31 p.m. where they found a man suffering from a gunshot wound to his leg. He was taken to a local hospital, is in stable condition and expected to recover.

Witnesses said the victim drove away from the scene in a blue BMW SUV, but stopped a block away at North Idaho Street and Tilton Avenue, where he flagged down police. 

"All of a sudden we heard police everywhere and police walked up to the car that's parked over there," an anonymous neighbor said. "They pulled the gentleman out and he had blood it looked like, coming out the back of his person. He looked scared. He was a young kid, he didn't loook very old, but he looked scared." 

"The victim ended up getting shot in his leg while he was sitting in his vehicle after a confrontation between him and the suspect," San Mateo police Officer Michael Haobsh said.  

Authorities said two suspects involved in the shooting were later found, along with a gun, after a police pursuit ended in a crash in Fremont. 

The pursuit involved East Palo Alto Police Department along with Fremont Police Department as the chase went across the Dumbarton Bridge. 

San Mateo police said witnesses and La Hacienda's surveillance cameras helped them get a description of the suspect's vehicle. They alerted other police departments and that's when they got their first lucky break. 

"There was a citizen that was listening to the police scanner and when they saw the suspect vehicle driving in East Palo Alto, they called 911," Haobsh said. 

East Palo Alto police were then able to spot the suspect's vehicle and chased them down. 

The suspects ended up taking the Thornton Avenue exit in Fremont. 

A Fremont officer saw the chase and followed along as backup. They saw a woman exit the suspect vehicle at Thornton Ave. and Dondero.

Then the driver went east before crashing at the the corner of Thornton and Post Street near a hardware store. Fremont police said the driver bailed the vehicle on foot after the crash and was arrested. 

That's when police got their second lucky break. It turns out Fremont has community cameras that captured the female suspect getting away. Police were able to track the woman down and made the second arrest. 

"We have two people in custody. The first, a 21-year-old male out of East Palo Alto. The second person is a 19-year-old female out of Redwood City and we did recover a firearm," Haobsh said. 

It's unclear at this time whether the victim and suspects knew each other.