Police warn of home burglary rash in San Ramon

In the East Bay, police are warning residents about a rash in home burglaries. Six homes were burglarized on Saturday night in different parts of San Ramon.  

The burglars made off with jewelry and cash. Police believe it may be the same crew targeting homes that appear unoccupied and dark and then they break in.

“Personally it's pretty upsetting during the holiday season,” said one victim.

One victim who asked not to be identified returned home from a holiday party Saturday night to find his patio door broken and his home ransacked.

“They tossed everything on the floor so you know right away it was broken into,” said the victim.

His home was one of six houses that were burglarized throughout San Ramon in the evening hours. Another homeowner found out about a break-in from an alert on his phone. A camera in his living room captured three people in hoodies, flashlights and gloves. Their faces were covered as they walked up the stairs. 

“Basically the M.O. was the same on all six of those burglaries,” said Sgt. Robert Ransom of San Ramon Police. “They go to the backyard and window smash on the rear slider or door that has a window on it.”

From there, police said, they go to the master bedroom and look for valuables. Police believe it's the same trio based on M.O., how they entered, where they went in the house and what was taken. Police said this is rare.

“Occasionally we get residential burglars but six in one evening is a lot,” said Sgt. Ransom.

Police said the thieves got in and out of the homes quick. In one case, they were at a home for four minutes. So why San Ramon?

“I think San Ramon is a fairly affluent area,” said Sgt. Ransom. “There are nice homes.”

Police urge residents to leave lights on. Alarms, surveillance systems and even a big dog can help too. Police also encourage residents to let neighbors know when you will be out of town.

“I’ve been here for two and half years and it's been very safe,” said Dora D’Angelus of San Ramon. “I’ve had my doors left unlocked at times. It’s been fine so it’s very surprising.”

As for one victim, he's still shaken up. He now plans to install a home security system to better protect his home.

“Everyone should be more careful to have the most security alerts, also watch for each other,” said the victim.

The suspects were seen leaving in a dark Mercedes Benz. Detectives are working on leads and will be stepping up patrols. Police also urge residents with cameras facing the street to register them with the city.