Private island in San Francisco Bay Area listed for $75M

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Point Bucker Island, the only privately owned island in the San Francisco Bay, went up for sales September 2023. Photo from Keller Williams Realty

From: KTVU FOX 2

Anyone in the market for their own private island in the San Francisco Bay Area is in luck.

Located in the Suisun Bay, Point Buckler island went up for sale Monday for $75 million. 

According to the listing agent Marianne Bordogna, it's the only privately owned island in the Bay Area.

Complete with a 400-feet deep dock and two helipads, owner John Sweeney held corporate events on the island. The 50-acre property was once home to an established duck club, and more recently has been used for private kiteboarding and foilboarding.

Sweeney and his wife placed open truck containers on the island and filled them with lounge furniture, artificial grass, and original art made from recycled plastic from the delta, Bordogna said.

Sweeney acquired the isle in 2011 for a mere $150,000, according to the San Francisco Chronicle

The property and Sweeney's management of it actually became the focus of a Supreme Court case in 2021. The high court rejected an appeal from Sweeney who had been fined $3.6 million because the Bay Conservation and Development Commission and the San Francisco Bay Regional Water Quality Control Board found that he damaged the habitat and did not have permits for depositing 8,500 cubic yards of soil on the island, the Chronicle reported.

Public records show litigation and liens on the property having to do with levee restoration, the agent said.

It is located near the area where a private company has bought tens of thousands of acres in the ambitious hopes of creating a new city in Solano County.