Protesters against Israel's annexation of West Bank gather at House Speaker Pelosi's SF home

People protesting Israel’s planned annexation of parts of the West Bank targeted House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s home in San Francisco Wednesday morning.  

The protesters arrived at the Pelosi's house at 7 a.m with their message calling on the house speaker to “wake up”.

Demonstrators want Pelosi to support a movement by some democratic lawmakers to condition military funding to Israel if it follows through with a plan to annex part of the West Bank -- a process which could begin as early as Wednesday.

"Me, and the next generation of American Jews, say that Jewish values are not about just blank checks to right-wing governments, whether here or in Israel,” said proteser Binya Kohuz. “They're about actually standing for human rights values, and that includes Palestinians, and we're here to wake up Nancy, and tell her that."

Police arrived and moved the protesters off Pelosi’s front porch, but they continued the protest in the street.