Protesters want Antioch police officer fired due to shooting at previous job

Protestors gathered in Antioch Tuesday evening, to demand that an officer there be fired.

That officer was involved in a deadly shooting at his previous job with the San Francisco Police Department.

Demonstrators said that too often, there are no consequences for police who kill members of the black and Latino communities.

The protestors are demanding police officers be held accountable for their actions.

"Ask yourselves if you're willing to stand up and occupy these streets," said one speaker during the rally in front of the Antioch police station.

The protest was led by college students-to speak up against what they describe as racial injustice and police brutality.

"It makes you scared to even ask for help. They're supposed to be here to protect and serve. When they're killing us, who do I go to for protect and serve," said one black college student who did not want to give his name. 

The focus was on Officer Michael Mellone with the Antioch Police Department.

In 2016, Mellone was an officer with the San Francisco Police Department when he shot and killed a homeless Latino man in the city's Mission neighborhood  

A spokesman for Antioch told KTVU Mellone had been with Antioch police for six years prior to joining San Francisco Police.

After the deadly shooting, he returned to Antioch police last year.

"That's really why most people are mad, because these cops are getting off with stuff that they shouldn't be getting off with," said Berkfeld, a student protest organizer. 

Antioch police said in a written statement:

"Recently, pursuant to state law, the San Francisco Police Department released new records of Officer Mellone’s shooting. This included records that were not completed prior to Officer Mellone being re-hired by the Antioch Police Department."

Chanting "No justice, no peace," protestors marched to the intersection of L Street and W 18th Street where they kneeled as a tribute to George Floyd.   

Protestors ranged from high school students to college students to parents.

"I have a black son. I have to worry about if my son is going to make it to 18," said Cynthia Cathey, a protestor.

Some protestors are calling on the city to re-allocate funds from the police department.

"It's about taking funds from the police that they don't need and putting it into other community outreach programs," said Lauren Johnson, a protestor. 

The young people said generations of their families have fought for social justice and that they have yet to see the results.

"We're tired. We want change. We're not going to give up this time," said Berkfeld. 

The student organizers said they're considering taking their fight to the city council to get Officer Mellone fired from the Antioch Police Department.

They said they say they have to do more than protest to bring about change.