Punk band’s guitars stolen from Campbell trailer following West Coast tour

Punk rock band “Get Dead” from San Francisco is asking for the public's help to find four guitars stolen from their trailer. The trailer was parked near the lead singer's home near Winchester Boulevard and Hamilton Avenue in Campbell.

The band 'Get Dead' had just wrapped up their week-long West Coast tour with 'Good Riddance.'

“It’s always exciting going on tour,” said Lead Singer Sam King. “It was a good tour. Nothing bad happened. Everything was great.”

However, the band hit a sour note a day after their return when back on November 26, the lead singer's wife noticed the trailer parked outside their home with the band's gear was broken into.

“The side of the van had been probably busted with a power tool,” said King. “They had just grinded off the bar that actually holds it locked.”

Four guitars including white and black Fender Telecasters and a black Squier Fender Thinline Telecaster were stolen. All together the guitars are worth $20,000. One of them was a custom red Double Cutaway. The band’s guitar player had built it with his dad.

“It was the first guitar that he ever built,” said King. “I think it was the first guitar he ever had.”

A pedal board and cases were also taken. Only chairs and a spare wheel were left behind.

“Disappointment, shock, just makes you mad,” said King. “I wanted to put some guitars in there, hide out, wait, see if they come back.”

Normally, the trailer is parked in Sonoma at the drummer's house but the band's last show was at The Ritz in San Jose.

“There wasn’t an extra person to drive it back up there so we left it there overnight and he was supposed to come and get it,” said King.

King said he would have parked it in front of his house but the spot was taken. Instead he parked it in the parking lot behind his home. He suspects burglars spotted it from the busy road.

“There are work trucks that park there too and couple of trucks have been broken into as well,” said King.

The band filed a police report and posted about it on Facebook. A tip came back that a couple tried to sell the guitars to a pawn shop in San Jose. An employee there grew suspicious.

“They were nice guitars,” said King. “They weren’t asking for enough money for them.”

By the time the band got there, it was too late, the couple was gone and no guitars were in sight.

“We are musicians,” said King. “It’s hard enough making money. It's not like we are corporation. We don't have insurance on those things.”

The band has a tour coming up in Portland this Wednesday so in the meantime back-up guitars will be used. The band is considering a reward. Unfortunately, there is no surveillance video of the theft.