Purse snatchers in Alameda head to straight to elderly victim's home

An elderly woman in Alameda was robbed of her purse Wednesday outside a shopping center and the thieves ended up at her home. 

It all started near a Ross at the South Shore Center around 8 p.m. when the 73-year-old victim and some relatives were walking to their car and were confronted by a robber.

Alameda Police Lieutenant Hoshmand Durani said, "There was a pretty significant struggle where the victim was dragged for a little bit." 

The robber was able to snatch the purse away. He jumped into the passenger side of an awaiting car and took off.

But inside the victim's purse— a thieves treasure trove. 

"More than likely the same suspects utilized her information from her purse, which had her drivers license and information and house keys," Durani says. 

Police say the same men drove straight to the woman's house, about 5 miles away in Oakland Diamond District and used the keys to open the front door. 

Durani says, "They were not able to make entry because the victim's husband was inside the residence." 

A neighbor who lives a couple of doors down says there were three police cars in front of her home. 

Cathy Depp says, "It's scary, but I'm glad that at least somebody was there and was able to either stop the crime or prevent it."

Police say victims who have their ID and keys stolen should immediately call 911 to stop robbers from going to their home. 

"A lot of times if you call the police and you tell them your address, most police departments will immediately notify the neighboring agency so they don't go to that address," Durani added.