Put your hands up! Overflow crowd floods Grace Cathedral in San Francisco for 'Beyonce Mass'

The historic Grace Cathedral in San Francisco hosted a special service called the "Beyonce Mass."
 Every Wednesday night, the church holds what it describes as a contemporary service with music.

 A normal night draws about 50 people.  For the Beyonce Mass Wednesday night, 900 people attended.

Some actually held out hope the singer Beyonce might make an appearance, but she wasn't there.      

 Many who showed up say they don't normally go to church, but wanted to know what a Beyonce Mass is. 
"Honestly,  it was just an opportunity to hang out with my friends and hang out with Beyonce spiritually. It's just a cool time," said Lauren Aldredgek, a Beyonce fan from Oakland.   

There was no image of the famous singer inside the Cathedral, but church musicians performed her songs.

"I'm curious as to what this is all about,  how they're going to connect her with the church," said Ron Reed of Oakland.  

"Black women who've fought to their core to make sure there was a better tomorrow," said Reverend Yolanda Norton  with the San Francisco Theological Seminary,  as she addressed the audience.

 She partnered with Grace Cathedral to hold the Beyonce Mass.  Norton says the singer, a symbol of strength, is a way to give a voice to black women and others who often don't have a voice.

"We're just saying let's use that as a conversation piece to talk about god.  This is a worship service.  I know people think this is a gimmick, that we're worshipping Beyonce.  None of that is true," said Norton.

Organizers say they want to change the perception of church being judgemental

"If you come from a different community, if you come from a different nationality, if you're an immigrant, god loves you and your life matters," said Reverend Jude Harmon with Grace Cathedral.  

Some say using Beyonce's image and message  to encourage people to go to church is a smart idea.

"Fierce...just like strength and energy, I think that we all need that all the time," said Aldredge.  

 Reverend Norton says she hopes to hold more Beyonce Masses at other venues, Organizers say they are surprised by the large turnout.

eyonce fans tell KTVU they found out about the event on social media and couldn't resist coming to find out more about the free event.