Racing may be to blame in accident that left man critically injured

San Jose Police are investigating a car crash in San Jose that critically injured a man waiting at a bus stop near the intersection of Meridian and Curtner on Wednesday. Witnesses said the cars may have been racing.

Daniel Elek can't stop thinking about the man lying next to the bus stop at Meridian and Curtner in San Jose’s Willow Glen. He said the man appeared to be in his late 50’s, early 60’s.

“He was kind of rolling around in pain,” said Elek. “I didn't see a lot of blood. I didn't see broken bones which was kind of concerning that he was in such pain it was all internal injuries.”

Witnesses reported a white Infiniti may have been racing a black Camaro on Meridian Avenue Wednesday around 4 p.m. The Camaro tried to break, then hit the back of the Infiniti causing it to jump the curb, strike a pole and a tree hitting a pedestrian who was rushed to the hospital.

The mangled Infiniti was seen resting on the opposite side of the street at Curtner. Investigators spent hours combing the scene. The speed limit is 35 miles per hour.

“Those guys shouldn't have been going 60, 70 miles an hour coming into this red light,” said Elek. “They shouldn't have been going that fast regardless unless you are on the freeway.”

Neighbors said they've seen their fair share of crashes at the intersection with speed being the biggest concern. Steven Wright wants more speed signs posted and better enforcement.

“I believe both these streets are a race track,” said Wright. “There's been multiple accidents at Curtner and Hicks which is a half mile down.”

Police said they are investigating the cause of the crash and if the cars were racing, saying it's a major thoroughfare with a lot of commuter traffic. There have been six accidents at that intersection this year.

“When you get that volume of traffic and when the street narrows down at that intersection,” said Wright. “It can add a little bit to the commute, little bit of problems to the commute.”

Both of the drivers, who witnesses describe as being in their 20's, are said to be okay.

“It’s just sad because I don't know the guy but I know he's got some family somewhere and they are probably in a world of hurt right now,” said Elek.

Elek said he saw a smashed cell phone on the ground and believes the victim was standing at the bus stop simply looking down at his phone when he was hit. No arrests have been made.