Rapper Ice Cube talks Warriors, racism in Jack London Square

Rapper and music icon Ice Cube was at Jack London square on Friday as a Oakland Raiders fan, an LA Dodgers fan, and of course, after the Golden State Warriors Game 1 win of the NBA Finals, a proud Dub Nation fan, too.

"I mean, they're great, they're looking good," the rapper best known for his song, "It Was a Good Day," told KTVU's Christien Kafton. Still, Ice Cube didn't want to jinx anything. "I wouldn't feel comfortable until (they) win the fourth game," he said, referring to a similar matchup last year when the Cleveland Cavaliers ending up winning the championship against the Warriors. 

Then, talk turned to what happened to Cavs' star LeBron James - someone scrawled the N-word on the front gate of  his Southern California home this week.

Ice Cube noted that if that could happen to "LeBron, it could happen to any of us. Racism is a cancer eating America and the world. Racism is a disease we have to cure."