Rash of vandalism in San Francisco's Sunset neighborhood

There is a rash of vandalism in a business district in San Francisco's inner Sunset neighbhorhood. 

Residents said as many as eight businesses were  targeted this week, including the front window of Hing Wang Bakery on Judah Street, which was shattered. 

Manager Cindy Tan said a neighbor heard the sound of windows breaking around 3:30 a.m. Wednesday and called police. 

She told KTVU in Cantonese that nothing was taken, but that the vandal stole her sense of security.  She said she's heartbroken, that nothing like this has happened before during her 19 years here.  

She said repairing the window will be a financial burden for this family-owned small business.

Even with insurance, there is a $2,500 deductible. 

The windows of a nearby restaurant were also shattered early Wednesday morning. 

The owner asked not to identify him or the business.  He said he found three rocks that he suspects were used to break two front windows.  

Nearby, Lucy Zhou, the owner of Ben Beauty Salon said her shop was closed Wednesday. When she opened Thursday, she found her front window shattered. 

Zhou said she's frightened by the vandalism. 
Donut World at the busy intersection of 9th Avenue and Judah Street  was also vandalised. 

"If you have surveillance footage,  please share it with San Francisco Police, " said Officer Joseph Tomlinson. .  

Merchants say they'd like to see more police foot patrols. 

"I'd like more police to come here at night," said Zhou. 

The baker at Donut World said the business's  surveillance video was turned over to police. 

He says it shows a suspect about 5 feet 7 inches tall, wearing a dark pea coat  and light-colored skinny jeans.

Police said they made an arrest in the vandalism of a business on Ocean Avenue in the Ingleside neighborhood, but that investigators don't know if that suspect is connected to the vandalism cases in the inner Sunset.