Reggina Jefferies dance studio getting final touches

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Onika Wilson is a woman on a mission.  It was back in June, when 16-year-old Reggina Jefferies was shot and in downtown Oakland killed by a stray bullet.

Shortly after performing a praise and worship dance at the funeral of two of her friends, Wilson says her daughter loved to dance and that inspired her to open a dance studio in Reggina's honor. 

Family members are putting the final touches on the dance studio located on 555 East 14th Street in San Leandro.  This weekend Wilson is signing up young children at Thrasher Park who she says will help keep her daughter’s name and legacy alive. 

"This is how I'm grieving by doing this for my daughter.  Every day I wake up I say, ‘Mama going to do it. I got this’. Every day I say ‘I got this’," says Wilson. 

She says it’s a dream that's coming true to be able to honor Reggina.  She calls her a dancing angel after her performance in all white at the funeral. 

Wilson says it’s tough to watch that video because it reminds her of the final hours of her daughter’s life. 

"It makes me smile but then I start thinking about the whole day. Us laughing and playing, talking," says Wilson. 

Although Reggina isn't here on earth, Wilson says she's in her heart.  Every day she talks to her daughter who helps motivate her to make their dream of opening a dance studio come true. 

"I just feel like my daughter pushed me to do this and she's still pushing me. I'm still not done.  This is just the beginning," says Wilson.   The studio will open in a month or two, but the grand opening will be December 1, which would have been Reggina's 17th birthday.