Sales suggest cannabis delivery business thriving during pandemic

Marijuana's unofficial holiday, 4-20, went virtual this year as public gatherings were banned and the traditional "smoke-outs" moved to group chats and social media. 

Dispensaries were busy Monday, and many report sales have boomed the duration of the shelter in place orders. 

"I'm looking for something that's going to help me take the edge off a little bit and stay focused," said San Rafael mom Angela Martin, picking up a cannabis delivery on her doorstep. 

The brown bag was placed strategically so she could retrieve it within a safe social distance. 

"I don't like to be too mellow, I like to be a little bit energized, so I like the micro-dose mints, very little THC," said Martin.  

Ona Life, based in San Rafael, says 70 percent of its customers are women.  

"Pot isn't just pot like it used to be," said co-owner Aviv Raphael, "instead it's for different needs, like wanting to feel energetic, wanting to be creative, or wanting to go to bed." 

Ona Life has seen business more than double during Marin County's stay-at-home order.   

The brother and sister owners say at first it was panic buying. 

"In the first week of shelter in place, you had people stocking up as if the apocalypse was happening," said Raphael. 

More recently, they're seeing customers who used to shop at dispensaries, which are closed except for curbside pick-up.

So more people are giving delivery a try. 

"It's a very stressful time - in a health way- when you're afraid to even touch a doorknob," said Ona Life co-owner Nurit Raphael.

"So cannabis can help you relax and enjoy life when we're all in this pandemic."  

The company has hired more drivers to keep up with demand.

Many customers ask for help with anxiety and insomnia, and some are venturing into new products, as they want to avoid  inhaling smoke or vapor. 

"One guy always orders flower and vape pens all the time but he said he was a little nervous, so we got him some edibles," said Nurit. 

A Tiburon dad who received a delivery admitted the virus has him re-thinking his selections.  

"There's nothing going into my lungs other than fresh air right now," said Greg, who declined to share his last name. 

As a business-owner and father of two school-age children, he describes life as "crazy" right now. 

He reaches for THC-infused gummy candy for relief. 

"It certainly helps with stress and relaxation and calms everything that's going on in the world," said Greg, " because these are crazy, wild times, and it seems like we're living a science fiction movie."

Providers of legal cannabis across the country are reporting the surge in sales as more people stay home 

"I think as moms, as parents, we're under a great amount of stress right now," said

Martin, who says she is enjoying the pleasures of more family time and outdoor activities with her children. 

Still, the close quarters can be trying. 

"I have to walk away and take deep breaths occasionally, and I keep my mints close by," smiled Martin, "so we're getting through it!"