San Antonio hoping to bring Raiders to Texas

A sports insider reports the owner of the Oakland Raiders purchased property between San Antonio and Austin where he could build a stadium.

That has people speculating that San Marcos could be a possible location for the Oakland franchise.

Tuesday, NFL owners approved relocating the Rams from St. Louis to the Los Angeles area. The chargers have a yearlong option to join the Rams. If San Diego declines the Raiders are next in line, but Wednesday the owner of the Raiders withdrew his application to relocate to Los Angeles.

Now that Oakland Raiders owner Mark Davis missed his chance to move the team to the Los Angeles area, San Antonio city leaders are hoping they are on the short list to host the NFL team.

"San Antonio Raiders- we believe there is a very good opportunity to attract the Raiders to San Antonio," said San Antonio Chamber of Commerce CEO Richard Perez.

Bleacher Report said Davis owns land in between San Antonio and Austin, putting San Marcos in the running of possible sites.

"We've just heard speculation that he's looking in the area which is fantastic. We think it's very exciting, but that's about all we've heard," said Adriana Cruz, president of the Greater San Marcos Partnership.

In 2014 Davis visited San Antonio to meet with city leaders and check out the area, but he ultimately decided it wasn't time to move the franchise. Now, without a lease at the Oakland Coliseum, the possibility of a move is back on the table.

"We're finally at a point where decisions need to be made on behalf of the Raiders, what they're going to do," said Perez. 

City leaders in San Marcos are hoping the decision brings Raider Nation to their neck of the woods.

"I think that looking at a major destination facility, like a stadium, between the Austin -San Antonio markets, and located between I-35 and 130, you've got two major transportation infrastructures. You've got two major metros with a combined population of 4.3 million," said Cruz. 

How do fans feel about the possibility of a third NFL team in the Lone Star State?

"It'd be a great idea because their colors match the Spurs already," said Bob Sifuentes who hopes the Raiders make the move to Texas.

"I think there's always room. Texas is a big state, so I think we have space for multiple teams and multiple fan bases," Cruz said. 

Die-hard Cowboy fans said they will still wear blue and silver even if the Raiders play in their hometown.

"I was born into it, so I don't really have a choice, but I would probably go to a game though. That'd be really cool to have a pro team in San Marcos. I feel like the fan base here would be really receptive of the team," said Cowboys fan Jonathan Hamilton. 

A final decision about whether the Raiders will touchdown in San Marcos will need approval from 23 other team owners.

A possible lease extension for the Raiders was on the agenda of the Oakland Coliseum Authority's meeting Friday morning, but no action was taken.

During this last football season the Raiders ranked 30th in attendance out of 32 teams.