Bystander killed after San Francisco carjacking suspect crashes during police chase

A bystander was killed, and several others were hurt, after an alleged carjacking suspect slammed into a bus stop during a police chase in San Francisco on Tuesday morning.

Besides the person who perished, there were four others who were wounded by the crash at 16th Street and Potrero Avenue around 10 a.m., according to San Francisco Fire Department Capt. Jonathan Baxter. 

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5 people were injured when a truck collided with an SUV in San Francisco on May 23, 2023. Witnesses said the truck was fleeing police before it crashed.

From: KTVU FOX 2

Witnesses told KTVU that a truck being pursued by the San Francisco police crashed into an SUV before careening into the bus stop. Police officials later confirmed those witness accounts.

At an afternoon press conference, Officer Robert Rueca said the truck was carjacked from a city worker at Folsom and Mabini streets in the city's South of Market neighborhood. Rueca said officers spotted the stolen truck in the city's Potrero Hill neighborhood.

"A vehicle pursuit ensued, and the vehicle came here to 16th and Potrero where it had a vehicle collision. It involved pedestrians as well as vehicles," said Rueca.

Officers said the stolen city vehicle collided with an SUV, before spinning out of control and slamming into a bus stop were several people were waiting.

By the time the vehicle came to a rest, five people were hurt. One of them died from their injuries. 

"The suspect was immediately detained and was transported to the hospital. That suspect is under arrest for this vehicle collision and the carjacking," said Rueca. 

The suspect's identity has not been revealed.

Witnesses said the stolen vehicle was a city paint truck. Red and blue paint were seen splattered on building and traffic lights at the crash scene.

"We were inside working, and we heard this loud boom and came outside," said Hector Martinez, who works at a nearby barber shop. "It's what you see here, a bunch of chaos."

One of the men who was struck "appeared not to make it," said Martinez. "They worked on him for a long time."

It's unclear if that man is the victim who died. 

The San Francisco police will investigate what factors led to the crash.