San Francisco DA Chesa Boudin rolls out new policies on gang enhancement, police stops

San Francisco District Attorney Chesa Boudin launched new policies aimed at combating racial disparities and mass incarceration. 

Boudin rolled out a list of directives which he said are "important to communities of color who are disproportionately affected by crime."

Among those changes, the district attorney's office will no longer charge defendants with possession of contraband in cases where the illegal goods were obtained through stop-and-frisk style "pretextual" searches.

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The district attorney is making good on his campaign promise and ending the use of sentence enhancements such as a person's alleged gang affiliation or past criminal history, which could result in a harsher punishment. 

Boudin's office is also eliminating the use of California's three-strike law. 

"Today we take action. We send a message that is loud and clear to the police department and to communities of color. We will no longer participate in, condone, tolerate or amplify racist police tactics," he said at a news conference on Friday. 

Boudin said the policy changes are based on reforms suggested in a 2016 justice department report. He also said the racial basis in the criminal justice system needs to be addressed to restore trust and confidence in the system. 

The district attorney said there are exceptions to the policies in situations when there is a threat to public safety or crime victims. 

The San Francisco Police Officer's Association President Tony Montoya criticized the district attorney saying, "In his short tenure, Chesa Boudin has demonstrated that he is a clear and present danger to the law-abiding residents, businesses and visitors of San Francisco. Get pulled over and have an illegal handgun or AR-15? No problem, Boudin will throw your case out. Have 10 pounds of Meth all in small plastic bags ready for sale? No problem, Boudin will toss that case too. It’s unconscionable that Boudin would let someone with an illegal gun go free, only to allow them the opportunity to arm themselves again. Chesa Boudin is emboldening criminals and we are all going to pay a steep price for his absurd policies.”