San Francisco family faces eviction after nearly quarter century

An effort is underway in San Francisco to help a family from being evicted from their home. 

Housing advocates gathered Tuesday on 23rd Street in Noe Valley to protest what is called an ‘owner move-in eviction’ notice.

The family is hoping to remain in the house that it has rented since 1998.

The owners have given the tenants notice so their daughter can live in the home.

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A member of the family facing eviction is housing advocate Fernando Marti, according to the San Francisco Chronicle.

"Oftentimes it's not the old-time landlords, it's the new landlords, who come in and buys knowing that there are tenants in place and think that they can, because they have more money, can simply kick people to the street," said Marti.

State law allows owners to evict tenants if they or a family member will live in the property. 

However, a new San Francisco ordinance prohibits evictions before Nov. 30 unless the eviction is based on non-payment of rent. 

For months advocates have rallied across the city to help keep people in their homes.

California had prohibited landlords from evicting tenants who were hurt by the pandemic, but those protections expired at the end of September.

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