'Worst house on best block' of San Francisco sells for $2M

A decaying, 122-year-old Victorian marketed as “the worst house on the best block” of San Francisco has sold for nearly $2 million — an eye-catching price that the realtor said was the outcome of overbidding in an auction.

Here's why California's population growth is slowing

The study from the California Policy Lab in Berkeley shows that fewer people are moving to the Golden State. The rate is down 38% since the start of the pandemic and, it's even higher in the Bay Area where there was a drop of 45%.

Nightmare home sale leads Minnesota couple to arbitration

It was a problematic home sale: a failed retaining wall, the ground infilled with unopened bags of mulch, wallpaper concealing holes in the walls, the backyard slipping away into the nearby creek and an unpermitted porch structure on the verge of falling away with it.